What Does an Ultrasound Tech Make?

When there was a job that was wide wide open, lucrative and rewarding, it is that of an Ultrasound tech. This is a field that with simply a two-year education, you could make at minimal $43, 000. With a little experience, you could also raise that shape to as high as $73, 000. Most people would think those quantities are impressive plus they are right. If you are buying fulfilling career that will pay you well with only just a little schooling, consider becoming an ultrasound tech also known as a sonographer. ultrasound tech salary

What Does and Ultrasound Technician Do?

The Ultrasound tech salary is substantive due to work that the lady or he does. That they are experts in taking and reading sound say images. Unlike the harmful effects of excessive x-rays, sound waves are undamaging. Sound waves bounce off of the intended thing and send back images that are being used by medical doctors to help diagnose a condition. In addition, the technician is expected to maintain equipment.

Experience, location and employer influence the Ultrasound tech salary. Nevertheless, the median salary for a sonographer in line with the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2009 was obviously a little over $63, 500. The overall outlook for this field is encouraging.


It can be no shock that the more experience that you have the more money you can create and in the field of medical sonography, the same is true. A new graduate could expect to receive significantly less than an ultrasound tech with two or three years experience–that is merely fair. Yet , what makes this field so attractive aside from the fact that it is interesting and challenging, is the starting pay. For instance, a new graduate with less than a year’s experience could earn $36, 000 to $51, 000. Likewise, people that have at least five years experience could expect $46, 500 to $62, 1000.


For whom you work will also play a key role in how much pay you can receive as an ultrasound technician. Private practice will pay more than government agencies. However, technicians working for government companies tend to make more than those working in the hospital setting.


Depending on the location, the salary can be significantly nicer. For instance, if you are an ultrasound tech in Massachusetts or Oregon you could expect an average salary of $78, 000. Yet , in Florida, the mean is near $20, 000 less at $56, 000 and lesser still is Birmingham, al, where a sonographer would average $50, 000 in pay a year. Because you can plainly see, there is a significant difference in pay with regards to the state. Nonetheless, the low paying states still give a great low-end salary internet marketing in this competitive field.

Task Outlook

Due to the growing aging population that requires less intrusive visualize services, the job perspective for ultrasound technicians are strong.


Most colleges require a high university diploma before admittance. The length of training will rely upon your goals. You are able to choose to earn an associate’s degree or a bachelor degree. Nonetheless, the college that you choose must be accredited.

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